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June 20th, 2014
Timing is Everything

Maybe I did something right this year in terms of when I put my kitchen garden in. It was extremely sunny and hot over the weekend but right after I put my new plants and seeds in my garden, the weather turned wet and cool. The perfect kind of weather for new plants to settle in and start growing.

I also made a choice not to prune my raspberries last fall after having pruned them so drastically the year before and suffering with a poor harvest as a result of lost growing time and an early frost. This year I have pretty well ignored them and as of now they are absolutely covered in berry-buds.

The new blackberry and blueberry bushes I planted last fall all survived and are looking perky. The blackberries are flowering. No signs of berry production on the blueberries. Yet.

My new bed of rhubarb is coming up nicely as well, though the only rhubarb I’ve picked as yet this year is from the spot where I supposedly removed it! I see plenty of pie and jam and sauce in my future between the berries and the rhubarb. Not complaining!

Today I am off of work and have some time before the weekend tennis tournament so I’m going to get that quilt top put together finally. It is so pretty that I kind of regret that I’m giving it away as a wedding gift… Whether it will be done in time for a mid-August wedding is another issue entirely…

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One comment to “Timing is Everything”

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    It all sounds delicious!