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June 18th, 2014
The Farmer in the Burbs

I was out of town all last weekend for a tennis tournament but was both home and off work on Monday so I took my opportunity to plant a few things in my kitchen garden.

The asparagus is coming up great so I assume I’ll be able to actually harvest some of it next year. It certainly acts as if it is all good and settled in. I planted four larger variety tomato plants and two cherry plants with a row of cilantro seeds in between the asparagus and the tomatoes. (I had a volunteer cilantro so I decided to give it some company) I also planted some basil. I usually put it in pots but it tends to dry out pretty fast in the pots so I thought I’d try it in the ground this year. We’ll see.

I was not impressed with the results I got growing pea pods last year – I probably put them in too late – so this year I opted to try sugar snap peas. I love them and the seed packet was slightly less than $2 so not much risk if they don’t work out – and if they do they will be much cheaper than buying them. I planted some bush beans around the perimeter of the bed where I grow my strawberries. They liked that spot last year well enough.

Everything I planted is both easy and fairly low maintenance which is pretty much the only sorts of plants I have time for at present. I have been tempted to till up a couple of large beds in the backyard – where the children rarely play – to put in vegetables that require more room, but I just can’t commit the time right now. I guess I’ll be mowing grass instead (which is approaching mid-shin depth at the moment)

I know mid-June is pushing it to only just get started but we’ll see what I can get before the first frost. It’s amazing how fast my ornamental plants have filled in so I am guessing I’ll be fine on the tomatoes at least – and the raspberries by the looks of the jungle out there.

Whether I will have the time to do the canning and preserving that may be required is another story…

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One comment to “The Farmer in the Burbs”

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    At least by mid-June, you can be relatively assured the frosts are over. Even just growing one or two things is a wonderful idea. You sound like you have the basics down – and I agree with podded peas. I have never been able to get them going. I have much more success with edible pod peas.