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June 16th, 2014

Even though I’m working now, I still have projects that I want to get done. I’m just going to have to make the time and also accept that my progress will likely be a bit slower than I’m used to.

Take these chairs for instance.

deck chairs

They go with a nice deck table that we brought back in our shipment from Egypt. None of the pieces was finished in a way to withstand the weather in Michigan so I haven’t been using them lately, though I did refinish the table last summer and it looks great now. These chairs are a slightly more time-consuming project because of all the slats – which need to be stripped both top and bottom – before they can be sanded and then stained and sealed – also top and bottom.

I started to strip the first one this week. I quickly came to realize why people just buy cheap plastic chairs. I toyed with the idea of seeing how well these would burn, but I will instead persevere. There are only two of them.

The fact that I will be putting pretty cushions on them when I’m done is an irony not lost on me. However, at least they won’t continue to mildew under the cushions. (Though I will likely bring them inside when we aren’t using them since they do fold.)

I still need to get some plants put in my kitchen garden if I’m going to have one this year as well. Better get on that since I have the feeling this summer is going to go fast!

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2 comments to “Wood-Work”

  1. 1

    You must have the patience of Job. I had to laugh at your burning reference! However, they are very attractive chairs and a heck of a lot nicer than the cheap plastic type.

  2. 2

    I wouldn’t bother if they weren’t so nice otherwise. I’m sure I’ll be quite happy when they are done… maybe in time to use them next summer!