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May 21st, 2014
My Day “Off”

The job that I am working was advertised as full-time short-term but at the interview they said the hours were flexible and that it could turn into long-term. Flexible was good for me to start since my son is still in elementary school which doesn’t start until nearly 9am (is that new? Seems like I remember starting school so much earlier!)

“Flexible” also meant that until they needed me to work more, I could have Monday and Friday off. Kind of sweet schedule in a way since theoretically I get a four day weekend. Or do I??

Let me map out what I had planned for my off time and what actually happened…

Friday – clean the house, then do some quilting
Saturday – two away soccer games
Sunday – two soccer games and dragging a child through some school work
Monday – quilting and making jewelry

Friday: clean the house, run errands, school work
Saturday: two away soccer games
Sunday: soccer game, school work, weeding, soccer game
Monday: vacuumed house (all the crumbs/dirt/detritus kids bring in), mop kitchen, 5 loads of laundry (and fold and put away), mowed front and back yards – which was a JOB given all the rain we’ve had, string one tennis racket, made dinner, school work, clean kitchen.

No quilting. No jewelry making..

I shouldn’t be surprised by now when time doesn’t stretch as far as I expect it to, but I always am just the same. Good thing that the quilt doesn’t need to be done until the middle of August. And that school is almost finished!!

You notice writing wasn’t even on my list – even though I have so many ideas! Sad isn’t it?

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One comment to “My Day “Off””

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    Sounds like you seriously need to schedule (as in make a date) some creative time. It’s too easy to get bogged down in the chores. I’d love to have that schedule, but I am guessing that my reality would look the same as yours – without the soccer games and homework.