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December 23rd, 2013
Rudolph Kind of Christmas

We’ve been in Michigan for two years now, on our third winter, but I think this is our first REAL winter.

Last Christmas it was warm enough that my children were out in the backyard playing soccer with their new pop up soccer goals. I suspect this year will be different.

white Christmas

This picture was taken yesterday morning, after I’d already cleared our stoop several times this weekend. The children’s winter break started a day early on Friday when they had a snow day – or rather an ice day. We had about a 1/4″ of ice coating everything which was then covered in a couple inches of snow. We got more snow on Saturday plus another layer of ice – closer to 1/2″ that time. Enough to make me very happy we have a garage to park our cars in. Probably 6-8″ of snow and ice all told.

Also enough to make me contemplate fitting my Volkswagen with skis to get around.

There are scattered snow showers in the forecast for the next few days and we are heading for a deep freeze so though the weather in mid-Michigan seems to change every ten minutes or so, I am fairly confident in predicting a white Christmas.

ornament 001

However you plan to celebrate the holidays, have a wonderful day!

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One comment to “Rudolph Kind of Christmas”

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    Merry White Christmas to you and yours, Jen!