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December 11th, 2013
Ho Ho Hum

It seems the faster I go to keep up with things, the faster everything else goes. Things are moving at such speed at present I’m just hoping to hold on until after Christmas at which point I’ll probably crash for a while but no one will notice because they will be at least temporarily distracted by their Christmas presents.

I got our Christmas tree put up just before Thanksgiving and put the outside decorations up on a relatively warm day last week – “warm” being in the 30s which feels balmy compared to the teens which is where we are now. Having the tree up wasn’t quite good enough for my son who asks me every day when presents are going to start appearing underneath it. Oh yes, presents…

There have been years when I had much of my shopping done in the summertime. Those were really good years. Other years I’ve done the majority of my shopping online so all I had to do was wait for things to be delivered. Also a good system. I procrastinated so long this year that I don’t really have the time to wait for shipping. I have to go to a store in person to do my shopping, which is what I did yesterday.

Truth be told, online shopping works best when you know what you are looking for – I am mostly looking for inspiration. Shopping in person can be a bit overwhelming too – there is so much to look at and consider. I started at the book store yesterday – which carries so much more than books. And when did books get so expensive?

Shopping in person wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, perhaps because I went on a Tuesday afternoon and there are still two weeks until Christmas. The true procrastinators haven’t started yet. I am determined to finish up before the shopping panic starts next week. I still need time to wrap presents too.

Wrapping presents… I’ll try to fit that in between another tennis tournament and the holiday party I’m hosting this weekend…

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3 comments to “Ho Ho Hum”

  1. 1

    It’s a shame there is so much pressure and stress involved with the holidays. It just sucks all the fun right out of them. Of course, since most of the few Christmas presents I give are handmade, I tend to create my own nightmares and am usually up until the wee hours trying to finish everything! Sleep? Who needs it!

  2. 2

    Ha! Not matter how we cut it (or how organized we actually are — not!), this is just a very, busy time of year. Having your teen and pre-teen to schedule around must be enough to nearly drive you over the edge. It would me!

  3. 3

    I made a good dent in my shopping in the last couple of days. I intended to do some wrapping this afternoon but I sat down to take a break and ended up falling asleep!