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December 6th, 2013
Dear Santa…

The year continues to zoom by and I realize that December is doing the same thing and that I better get a move on with Christmas shopping or there will be a riot on Christmas morning. The problem is that the children are getting to an age that the things they really, really want are getting more and more expensive. They have made no secret of their highest priority wishes but I need some ideas for lesser things as well. Unless they want to get a lot of socks. I know they need those.

I can remember making my own Christmas lists. I was always organized and prone to over-thinking and I can remember one year in particular that I made my list in outline form. I broke it into categories for toys and clothes and there were sub-categories and very specific directives for colors and styles. I really really really wanted the satin shorts and knee-high boots and rabbit fur coats that were all the rage when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade and I never did get any of those items. I’m still disappointed. I was however the only one of my peers to have had a kick-and-go scooter. Can’t remember what happened to it, but I suppose it got given away in one of our many moves. Wish I still had it – not only was it cool, it is collectible now!

I can only imagine what my own children will put on their lists. I had such modest wishes by comparison – an Easy Bake oven was a huge thing. Who doesn’t want to bake a cake with a light bulb?? Now both kids desperately want iPod touches. They obviously have no sense of what things cost. I blame that in part on the fact that the vast majority of their friends have iPhones already. Really?? I don’t even have an iPhone. I guess that is what I get for living in a prosperous community.

I’ve asked them to make me lists and I’ll see what I can do. I’ve managed to keep Christmas fairly modest in years past so we’ll see if I can do one wow present and fill in the rest with socks and books and things they need otherwise. I used to find shopping in Egypt a challenge because of the lack of good quality items to buy. I find it challenging to shop in the US because there is just too much…

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2 comments to “Dear Santa…”

  1. 1

    I wanted an Easy Bake oven so badly, but never did get one. Instead, we were ‘allowed’ to use the real one! It wasn’t the same. I don’t know that I could afford children in this day in age. The peer pressure is amazing and costly!

  2. 2

    I got an Easy Bake Oven which I can remember using devotedly… for a time. Same with the Kick and Go. It was a little easier to maintain control of the consumerism in Egypt because there wasn’t as much to buy but even there we were mixing in a more prosperous community. In short – kids are expensive…