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December 4th, 2013
A Day in My Life

Or a weekend. Whatever.

Sorry to have abandoned ship for what – a week? – but things were impossibly busy and I couldn’t form a string of coherent, interesting thoughts. I’m not sure that this will be interesting either but I wanted to check in.

So, I did finally finish stripping the finish from my stairs and sanding them. Then I spent two days last week cleaning up the dust from all over the house. I really should have taken the time to block off doorways, etc. Lesson learned. There is still dust on the shoulders of the hanging clothes in my closet which means the dust had to fly through the air and turn a couple of corners. Wow.

I even put up our Christmas tree and a few other miscellaneous decorations.

I am older than I care to advertise on the internet, but this year was the first year that I hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving isn’t really that big a deal to me and I’ve happily accepted invitations to other people’s houses for the occasion or skipped it altogether in years passed but this year it just seemed right to host. If you can call it hosting when your guests bring the turkey! I did make all the rest of the food for eight though – a cheese ball, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes with garlic (yum!), stuffing muffins (for easy serving portions), green beans, a crab apple pie (my own preserves) and a pumpkin pie. I even opened three cans of cranberry sauce. All in all, dinner was a hit and my guests even left me the smoked turkey carcass.

Friday morning I got up at 5am so that I could get my son to a tennis tournament in a town two hours away. It had been snowing most of the day Thursday so I wasn’t sure how the roads would be. The roads were fine and he won his first match. He played again at 3pm and lost and because he lost he was slotted into a match at 7:30pm. Having gotten up so early for his first match he had no steam left for the late one and he lost to a boy he might have beaten if he had played the next morning. Oh well, another time.

My daughter was playing in the same tournament but she didn’t play until Saturday. So we stayed at a hotel and got up at 6am to get her ready for her 8am doubles match, which she and her partner won. They played doubles again at 10am and lost in a tie breaker which is always hard. Then she played singles at 2pm and 6pm and won both of those. On to Sunday!

Sunday we actually got to sleep in til 8am which was kind of exciting. My daughter played at 1pm and again at 5pm and won both matches – and the entire tournament. Super exciting! Even more than usual because she had four tough opponents to get through to do it. Of course having driven two hours to get there, we had to drive two hours home again…

Monday I did approximately 68 loads of laundry, put up some outside Christmas decorations, boiled the turkey carcass in preparation to make gumbo, and made two lasagnas because I have voracious children. I took things somewhat slower on Tuesday but I did put up some more outside decorations and made the turkey gumbo – amazing and a highly recommended use of your leftover turkey. I never gave much thought to turkeys having vertebrae until I had to fish all the bones and yucky bits out of the pot after it had boiled down. I used my canning pot because it was the only pot I had big enough to hold a turkey carcass.

And now I’m babbling so I’m going to stop now.

I have a couple of days to chill out before I drive my daughter to Indianapolis for her next tennis tournament. Then I’ll have a couple of weekends off – not sure I’ll know what to do with myself!

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2 comments to “A Day in My Life”

  1. 1

    It’s too bad you don’t get paid by the mile! And congratulations to your daughter – she’s awesome.

  2. 2

    That WOULD be awesome! Maybe one day winning a tournament for her will mean financing the next one :)