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November 22nd, 2013

So there is this Facebook “thing” going around where you list facts about yourself that no one else would know. I got tagged on of my friend’s posts and posted a list of my own given the number of facts she assigned me. It was surprisingly difficult to come up with the right number of facts given that I am always chatting about whatever. There doesn’t seem like there is a whole lot left to reveal.

Only there always is. After I posted my list, I used some hand sanitizer that someone else offered me that I didn’t realize was cinnamon scented. AGH!! I like to cook with cinnamon, I like the flavor of cinnamon, but I did not want it slathered all over my hands. All I could think of after was 1) when could I wash my hands and 2) no wonder people use cinnamon as bug repellant.

It’s not just the scent of cinnamon I don’t care for either. I used to try and wear perfume because it seemed like the thing you were supposed to do but I could only ever put it behind my knees – any further up and it made me insane and gave me headaches. I really dislike being in stores like Bath and Body Works or even the cosmetics areas of department stores because of the overpowering smell. Ironically I was once hired to be that person who attacks people with perfume samples in a department store – I had to spray Obsession on people. I was pretty ruthless about it as well – I stood at the top of the escalator for a while because there was no avoiding me there!

I won a very expensive bottle of perfume in a sweepstakes while in the United Arab Emirates once and still have most of it in the bottle. I mostly buy fragrance free detergent and soaps when possible, though I do really like the scent of some shampoos. However if you ever smell in cinnamon in my house it will be because I’m baking something!

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4 comments to “Random”

  1. 1

    I couldn’t agree more! My sister and I walked into a craft store and they had a big bin of cinnamon scented decorative brooms right inside the entrance. We didn’t make it more than two steps before we had to flee back outside! I am very sensitive to perfumy smells and it usually starts my gag reflex. However, I also like to cook with cinnamon and put it in everything. Go figure.

  2. 2

    I feel better knowing that I’m not alone in this! LOL

  3. 3

    In a random anecodotal survey among friends and coworkers, there are more of us who hate it than those who love it. So why does this scent assault continue???

  4. 4

    cfshh – I guess it must work on some people or they wouldn’t do it!