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November 6th, 2012
Forever in Blue Jeans

I had this post all ready to go and forgot to schedule it. Duh!

So last week, after I’d forced myself to go ahead and get the rest of the bamboo blinds lined (done, hooray!) then and only they I let myself get to the fun stuff. One thing I did was convert a couple of pairs of flare legged jeans that still fit me nicely to a skinnier leg. They’ll fit into my winter boots much better that way and I’ll have two “new” pairs of jeans for nothing more than a little time spent in front of my sewing machine.

Altering the jeans took no time at all so then I moved on to the project I’d been wanting to try since I saw the suggestion here.

I have an old jean jacket that I rarely wear which I bought for a whopping $3 when I lived in the United Arab Emirates. Why didn’t I wear it? I think because I wear jeans about 95% of the time and wearing a jean jacket with jeans, even a dark rinse one, is a little too much denim even for me.

Here is the jacket before:

Just your basic jean jacket, kind of meh.

I followed all the instructions in the article and dyed it red – I love red and I happened to have a box of red RIT dye in my box of random crafty stuff. Voila! Make over complete.

Like most things I put on this blog it looks better in person.

I am not going to embroider anything on it at this point since my sewing machine isn’t that fancy. I might think about appliqueing some stuff though. Hmmm…

Will I wear it now that it’s red and fraying? The chances are better than when it was blah dark blue!

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