Jenyfer Matthews
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Now Available

Wishful Thinking, a magical novella available on Kindle and Smashwords for only $1.85!

Samantha has had more than her share of bad luck in the last couple of years. When her best friend gives her a charmed crystal for her birthday and her luck starts to change for the better, she’s happy enough to accept her good fortune – at least until the bill comes due. Exactly what price would you pay to have all your wishes come true?

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take a chance on me cover

Three popular contemporary romance novels by Jenyfer Matthews together for the first time in one volume for one amazing low price:


All Julia Sullivan wanted was a fresh start in a new place. But cutting ties with the past and starting over can be a difficult thing to do. After leaving her husband and quitting her job, Julia was emotionally spent. But there was something about the house she inherited that seems to interest all sorts of people…


Summer Donahue is not Ben Martin’s type of woman. Ben is conservative, thoughtful and the model of self-control. Summer is whimsical, spontaneous and just a bit flaky. So why, when she breezed into his office like a tropical storm, was he so instantly and inexplicably attracted to her? When it comes to light that Summer needs Ben to save her business, will his heart survive?


Maggie Dean and Sam Callahan grew up in the same town, knew each other in school, admired each other from afar, but never dated. She was just a little too straight and narrow for this bad boy. Now they’re all grown up and back in their hometown – she to deal with a family crisis, he to prove that he’s changed his ways. Can Sam be the one to show Maggie marriage can work?

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